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Why Butterfly Armor?

The BUTTERFLY represents a journey of transformation filled with growth, patience, vulnerability, strength and beauty. Just like the butterfly, we experience several stages along our journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle that are filled with many triumphs as well as some setbacks. However, equipped with our ARMOR of hard work, dedication and perseverance, each woman is able to fight for her goals and ultimately emerge as a  beautiful and vibrant butterfly.


At Butterfly Armor, we are committed to bringing fashion forward, high quality fitness wear and accessories to today’s active woman. We have done all the shopping for you and are very selective in the brands we choose to carry! Butterfly Armor has carefully hand picked the companies it partners with that are known for offering nothing less than the best! Our vibrant collections are designed to accentuate each woman’s unique personality and style so that EVERY woman can become the BEST version of herself!


We believe that each woman IS and should always FEEL beautiful in every stage of her fitness journey and her outfit should show it!

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